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Creed e-news 11/9 - chat with the band, see the video!

Hey Creed fans!

If you've been dying to ask the guys in Creed what a certain song means, where they got their start, or how it was recording the new album, here's your chance! Starting tomorrow night, the band will be hanging out every night on the Creed Q&A Board, answering questions from fans like you! In order to handle the great response that this is sure to generate, we've set up this custom bulletin board that will be open for posting from 7-10 pm EST every night. Scott, Mark, and/or Scott will be on the board from 8-9 pm EST every night through Monday 11/19 (except for the 17th when they're doing SNL)! Click here to register for the board, and then get your questions ready! You can start posting tomorrow night at 7 pm, and Scott Stapp will be around to answer your questions from 8-9!

In other very cool news, the "My Sacrifice" video will be debuting next week on MTV, VH1, and CreedNet! You can see it starting with MTV's "Making the Video" on Monday night at 10:30 PM EST, and it'll debut on VH1 and TRL on Tuesday! The video will be available for streaming on CreedNet starting Monday night (11/12) at 11 pm EST - and keep your eye on CreedNet for the latest details of where and when you can catch the video on TV!

Want to help spread the word about Creed? Check out the Creed FanZone - it has everything you need to get the news out about the new album, including:
- printable fliers & postcards
- art elements to design your own fliers
- webmaster graphics to build your own Creed fansite!
We'll be announcing a contest there next week where the best usage of these materials could win you a WEATHERED litho, but feel free to head to the Zone now to get started!

Lots more news to come, as we get ready for WEATHERED on November 20th!

Talk to you soon,

The CreedNet Crew
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