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Not Another Soundtrack
The forthcoming Soundtrack to the film "Not Another Teen Movie" will feature a variety of covers, those of note include:
Marilyn Manson - "Tainted Love" (Soft Cell Cover)
Scott Weiland - "But Not Tonight" (Depeche Mode Cover)
Saliva - "Message Of Love" (The Pretenders Cover)
Stabbing Westward - "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order Cover)
Orgy - "Blue Monday" (New Order Cover)
Other bands set to appear on the outing, which will arrive in stores through Maverick on December 04th, include Muse, Goldfinger, Smashing Pumpkins, Good Charlotte and more.

Living Without Welch
Weezer recently spent some time in Cello Studios in the Los Angeles, CA area, tracking new material. Tentative song titles include:
"My Weakness"
"Change The World"
"The Dawn"
"Aint Got Much Time Get Me On the Line"
"We Go Together"
"Fall Together"
"Diamond Rings"
"Your Room"
"Living Without You"
"So Low"
"Faith In The Light"
"Do You Want Me To Stay?"
"Cygnus X-1"
"Place the Blame"
"As The Day Goes By"
"I Wanna Be With You"
"C'mon Lets Go"
In other news, the group have apparently parted ways with bassist Mikey Welch, who was recently doing some tracking with a new band called The Brakes, which features Joe Sirois of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Welch went on to comment on his latest time spent in the studio, saying:
"It�s actually fun to just be playing in the studio without some major-label idiot standing over your shoulder."

Puddle Of Postponement
Puddle Of Mudd have postponed a handful of shows due to band frontman Wes Scantlin needing time to rehearse the song "Thank You" with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, for a performance of it that will take place at the MTV European VMA's this week. The tour will resume Saturday, November 10th, while dates affected include:
November 05th Minneapolis, MN - Quest Club
November 06th Chicago, IL - Metro / Smart Bar
November 08th St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
Rescheduled shows are expected to be announced shortly.

The Value Of MTV
MTV will be airing a Family Values 2001 special tonight, November 05th at 10pm. In other news, the channel will also be airing an Incubus in concert episode of Spankin New Music this Wednesday, November 07th.

New Sacrifice
Living Sacrifice are currently planning to take some time off, playing only a few scattered shows in an effort to write new material for their forthcoming new album, which they hope to begin recording in February/March. An early summer release through Tooth & Nail is being eyed.

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