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Linkin Park/Dope/American Head Charge/Sevendust

Linkin Park will be releasing their debut DVD, tentatively entitled "Frat Party at the Pankake Festival", through Warner Bros. on November 20th. The effort shapes up as follows:
01 - "Intro"
02 - "Papercut"
03 - "Beginnings"
04 - "Points Of Authority"
05 - "The Live Show"
06 - "Crawling Video Shoot"
07 - "Crawling"
08 - "Touring"
09 - "Cure For The Itch"
10 - "The Band"
11 - "One Step Closer"
12 - "The Future"
13 - "In The End"
14 - "End"

Dope will be shooting a video in the Vancouver, BC area this Sunday, November 04th, most likely for their current single "Now Or Never". The filming will take place at 6130 Studios in Burnaby and those interested in attending can call 604-473-7212 for more info. Dope's new album "Life" is currently slated for a November 06th release through Flip/Epic.

American Head Charge guitarist Dave Rogers was arrested for public lewdness yesterday night after the bands show in East Rutherford, NJ, for performing the groups entire set naked. The situation was resolved at the venue, and he is slated to appear at a New Jersey court at a later date as a result. Rogers took the time to comment on the matter, here's what he had to say:
"What's the big fucking deal? I run around naked all the time. I guess the cops were threatened by my man-hood."

Sevendust will be releasing a limited edition bonus disc, featuring live versions of "Denial" and "Angel's Son", to those who pre-order their forthcoming new album "Animosity" from certain retailers. More information is available on the bands recently overhauled official website, www.sevendust.com. The album itself is due out in stores on November 13th through TVT.
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