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Powerman 5000 has lost two members but "there is NO WAY PM5K is breaking up !!!" -Spider from PM5K!

Drop The Bombshell
Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One has confirmed that both bassist Dorian Heartsong and drummer Al Pahanish have left the band, in a posting on the groups official website, . The statement is as follows:
"I'm sorry to have to announce that the roumors are true, Al and Dorian have quit the band. This was 100% their decision, and in no way were asked to leave. I can't really say why they made the choice that they did, that is something only they can tell you. As you know I have been in this band for 10+ years with those guys and always thought they would be in it untill the end, they will be greatly missed. That said, I can tell you that there is NO WAY PM5K is breaking up !!! Mike and Adam are still here and work on the new album continues at a furious pace, the creativity is flowing like never before. I suspect that because of all this going down the new album will be even more different than I had planned. New art, new title and many, many new songs. I realize this is a bit of a surprise to all of you, the only thing I can say is; Powerman 5000 will never be the same... it will be BETTER!!!! I guarantee it.
as always thanx for being there,
your fearless leader SPIDER"
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