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+++ Message from Rammstein

Although we're currently on the "Pledge of Allegiance" tour in the USA, the
of which had to be postponed due to the events of 11 September, we are
asking ourselves if we're fully informed, do we know everything?

The events of 11 September and their consequences vividly demonstrate that
information is one of the most important freedom-related values of this world.
we are we fully informed, if we know all of what is actually happening, if we
know the different perspectives of one and the same event, then we have the
fairest of all chances to fight our way through the jungle of opposition and
contradiction and form an individual opinion and to hold it. The world is not
simple, there isn't only black or white, there isn't simply good or bad,
each piece of information, every opinion, every point of view throughout the
current months is a building block for the formation of our own opinions. An
article by Arundhati Roy, even if it was written very soon after the events of
September, has deeply impressed us and we feel that it is important for it to be
heard. We are pleased that the author has authorised us to publish her article
on our homepage

+++ Mutter Limited Tour Edition

On 10/29/01 the double cd "Mutter Limited Tour Edition" will be released
worldwide. The extra edition of Rammstein's album "Mutter" features an
alternative artwork and a bonus-cd including live versions of "Ich will", "Links
3 4", "Sonne" and "Spieluhr.

+++ Rammstein-Book

Available in stores from 11/01/01. More information will be released on 11/01/01

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