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P.O.D. Avoid Doing 'Dark, Dark Video' For 'Youth Of The Nation'...

For P.O.D. this week, Youth of the Nation (the tour) had to take a backseat to "Youth of the Nation" (the song).

The spiritual rap-rockers canceled a gig in Madison, Wisconsin, Wednesday and flew to Los Angeles to shoot a video for the tune, the second single from Satellite.

"Youth of the Nation," a powerful number written the day of the Santana High School shootings in the band's hometown of San Diego earlier this year, is scheduled to hit radio and video outlets next month, according to Atlantic Records. The track includes the verse, "Maybe this kid was reaching out for love/ Or maybe for a moment/ He forgot who he was/ Or maybe this kid just wanted to be hugged" (see "P.O.D. Launch Satellite, Address School Violence"). The song's chorus is chanted by a group of high school students.

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