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Tours, Videos, Free Tix, and of course, Rock.

Want to go to shows? We got a few ideas of how to spend a day or evening, get
all the details and a bunch more info for the following tours by hitting the
links to their tour pages or tour cards (we're talking mp3's, streaming songs,
videos, tour dates, pictures, words, the works)

Need a night of top notch rock? Nickelback and Saliva -

Rather one of the best metal shows of your life? We give you the blessed event
that is Chimaira and Slayer -

More metal and rock all rolled into one stellar evening? Dry Kill Logic, Ill
Nino and Kittie -

Or perhaps you are more of a traditionalist? Both Type O Negative and the
Misfits are heading out for their annual Halloween tours. For dates check out

Want to get into these shows for free? Give it
a shot.

In other news we've got something really special for you. Machine Head's newest
video that you almost didn't get to see - Crashing Around You. Complete with
words from Rob breaking down his feelings on the track, its relationship to the
9/11 tragedy (or lack thereof) and more.

Now it's time for dessert - SLIPKNOT will be hosting THE ROCK SHOW on MTV2 all
this week. Turn on M2. the shit's impressive.

Keep on Keepin' on.

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