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October 19, 2001 -- BUSH'S frontman, Gavin Rossdale, is one of rock music's most powerful girl magnets.Unfortunately for his smitten female fans, this guy is taken by another heartthrob: Gwen Stefani, singer for the band No Doubt.
Speaking from his London home, Rossdale told The Post he was concerned about flying to America because of terror-ist activity. But, like a man in love, added, "I'm more concerned about being away from Gwen."

Because of Bush's signature fire-in-the-belly brand of rock, you might expect Rossdale to be a brash guy.

In conversation he's polite, thoughtful and not defensive at all, which is noteworthy, considering Bush has been slagged by the media as a Pearl Jam rip-off act for years.

Although that old criticism stung Bush, leading the band to abandon its grunge-inspired sound in the mid-'90s, Bush is toying again with the storm-to-calm sound on its new album, "Golden State," due out Tuesday.

"After doing 'Sixteen Stone,' I didn't want to copy that record. That gets you in a ton of trouble. Now that Bush has had its maverick journey through the landscape of rock records, ['Golden State'] brings us back full circle."

Rossdale told The Post it's "a naked record, a rock record."

He's right. It is the edgiest collection of songs the band has released since its famous debut....

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