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Machines Silently Crash

In light of the recent events in America, Machine Head have scrapped plans to release the track "Crashing Around You" as the first single from their latest release "Supercharger". Instead, the band will be putting "Deafening Silence" out as the first single from the record. However, before the decision was made, a video was shot for the former first single and as such, it has now been posted online, complete with commentary from band frontman Robert Flynn as to why they have decided not to use the track. You can check it all out here. However, despite the decision stateside, the band will be issuing a CD Single for the track "Crashing Around You" in the U.K. on December 03rd through Roadrunner, it shapes up as follows:
01 - "Crashing Around You"
02 - "Silver" (Live)
03 - "Ten Ton Hammer" (Live)
The disc will also feature an enhanced portion containing the video for the title track, while the live songs featured were captured at a show which took place in Stockholm on December 02nd, 1999.
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